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Team Testimonials 

JDC West thought it would be impactful to hear first hand from delegates and their experiences from being on this team. 


Jordan Glassman

"Being a part of Edwards JDC West taught me a new level of confidence and an appreciation for my work ethic. The whole team is one big family and I have made many friends for life. This is the staple Edwards University experience and you won’t regret pushing yourself to go that extra mile and be a part of something amazing. Stepping onto that stage to accept a trophy or just living in the moment of the love and support of your teammates and their spirit fingers, is an unforgettable experience. I love Team Sasky and all it has taught me."



Aubrey-Anne Pewapisconias

“Being on JDC West has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had throughout my time in university. You are continuously working to better your abilities to present, research, and problem solve alongside a team of like-minded individuals. As I now work in the non-profit sector, I am amazed at how I am applying, or familiar, with so many strategies and topics that I learned from my time on the team. After being a delegate, coach, and executive, I have seen how each person contributes to the success, passion, and drive everyone on Team Sasky holds. The personal growth I have gained from this team, while making lifelong friendships, is something I will cherish throughout my whole career.”


Hallie Bourassa 

"Being apart of Team Sasky this past year was truly the highlight of my first year at University. As an online student meeting new people and branching out into a new community was nearly impossible for me. JDC West gave me the opportunity to make new friends that shared the same interests that I had. I became friends with some truly amazing people and I got to practice my presentation skills and learn about the business world throughout the year.


I am a shy person. Pushing myself to join a school team was the best decision I made this past year as the business knowledge I gained was very beneficial and I got to expand my speaking skills during my presentations in an encouraging setting where I had awesome coaches and teammates cheering me on. If I was going to describe Team Sasky to a friend I would simply say “It is like joining a family, everyone loves and supports everyone else and you always know you can count on your teammates with anything you need". My experience this past year was amazing and I have already joined the team for this coming year as result!



Michael Epp 

"Hey everyone! My name is Michael, and this last year I had the privilege to compete as a Business Strategy Delegate on the Edwards JDC West Business Team. Despite the challenges of a remote environment, this year was still one for the books. 


One of the highlights for myself this past year was getting the opportunity to learn and develop so many incredible skills that I would have never learnt in a classroom-type setting. I learned how to analyze and think critically about the cases that we dealt with as a team, picking out what is important and why it matters. I also learned how to effectively prepare and deliver a professional business presentation in a way that is meaningful to those watching and listening. 


In addition to learning and developing so many incredible skills, one of my other highlights from the year was learning from and being coached by 3 incredible people. I might be a bit biased, but I seriously had 3 of the best coaches out there (shoutout to Nathalie, Josh, and Peyton)! Each week, they challenged my team and I to be better than we were the week prior. They provided a safe place to learn, grow, and most of all fail. They provided constructive criticism and always cheered us on no matter the week we were having. 


Lastly, one of my favorite memories from this past year was when my team and I finished presenting at competition. I just remember feeling so incredibly proud of all that we accomplished as a team and for each of us individually. It was truly an amazing feeling that I will remember for years to come!" 

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