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Our Commitment to Community 

 JDC West team is more than just a business case competition. The Edwards JDC West team is also passionate about giving back to our community. That is why each year we seek to support six local charities through volunteerism and fundraising initiatives. 

Charity Achievements


The Edwards JDC West team goes above and beyond to build stronger communities. Last year, our delegates dedicated more than 1700 volunteer hours and raised more than $15,000 dollars for our local charities.  

Chillin' for charity 


Chillin' for Charity is a JDC West Competition-wide initiative that calls all competing universities to raise money for a local charity in their area by plunging into the depths of an ice-cold pool. Each school is required to host their event between October 1st & November 30th, and in Saskatchewan, we like the challenge.  


Our delegates and invited guest jumpers will all take the plunge while being dressed up in some ridiculous costumes and dancing their way to the platform to a pre-selected song of their choice! This gets the crowd excited and our jumpers pumped up, making it an event that you will not want to miss.

Get Involved

Do you want to become involved in Chillin' for Charity? The Edwards JDC West team is always looking for partners to provide monetary and in-kind donations. Reach out to us via the contact page on our menu. 

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